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Christmas Starts Early - And I'm Okay With That!

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

I am one of those people that loves Christmas. L.O.V.E.S. It ushers me right back to my childhood and our family keeps the same traditions going year to year. For a few decades it was the only time that we were all in one state together as we got older and went our separate ways. Even as an adult it is a magical time. As soon as the radio goes "All Christmas Only" I am in pure heaven. I love that the malls get decorated and festive, sometimes even before Halloween. (GASP!) To some people this is excessive, and to a degree I can agree. Pumpkins and Santa are a bit of an odd mixture. I won't decorate myself until after Thanksgiving. But if I see Christmas peeping out before then... I can't lie. I'm not mad at anybody!

I was listening to the radio and the DJ hit on the head perhaps just WHY I am such a big fan of starting the Christmas season early. He likes to start playing Christmas music in November to extend the season to six or seven weeks, versus waiting for after Thanksgiving and only getting in two weeks to three weeks. He said in doing so he feels the the SPIRIT of Christmas is actually being extended. That sparked a shiny red Christmas bulb over my head!

While we should maintain a giving spirit all year, most of us need a little reminder. Christmastime is when we let our inner child surface. It’s when we volunteer. It’s when we make extra time for our family and friends. It’s when we leave the 9 to 5 where it belongs, celebrate our faith and the people that matter most to us. It's when we give a little more effort to just let it go, and count our many blessings.

The blessings are what the season is all about. It’s not just the cookies and candy - don’t get me wrong, they hold a hefty importance to a sweet tooth like me too. It’s not just the shopping, though an online shopper like me certainly relishes in the opportunity to spread a little materialistic joy. It’s not just the TV specials that bring me back to the specialness of my youth. It is ALL of the feel good moments that surround us during the holiday season. Writing out cards to let people who I may not get to throughout the year know that I am thinking about them. It's the laughter. It is the soul touching MUSIC. It's thinking how I can give to someone less fortunate. It is giving a small token to see someone else's light shine, and knowing that light is in honor of Jesus Christ. The light of the world. The true blessing of the season.

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If I could package the essence of Christmas, and what it takes to be a good Samaratin, and open it throughout the year I would. That is something I certainly strive for in my own life. To give all year round, celebrate the Lord in our hearts, and make time for the moments that count. But when there is an opportunity for the WHOLE WORLD to come together at a certain time of the year, then I’m all for extending that time for as long as possible. We can stand to have a full two months of "feel good," especially in times when everything you see on TV or in your newsfeed seems to be so dark. But maybe we should wait to bust out the ribbons until at least after Labor Day. 😉

- Written by Janine Kai


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