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Freebies & Opportunities Companies Are Offering Amid Coronavirus

Shut in. Social distancing. These are terms many of us never heard of before Coronovirus became a permanent part of our lives. In support of halting this crippling pandemic, most states have asked its constituents to stay home. For some the "ask" is a bit more mandatory. Whether you are a parent with kids now at home, someone who is now working remotely or perhaps laid off, or someone who is quarantined we have pulled together a list of offerings from companies that may help in this new reality. Check them out below and comment when you have discovered others!

It's a tricky time but we will GET THROUGH IT and we are grateful for those that are attempting to make the journey a little less bumpy... Click on the links below for more info. Stay safe. Stay informed. Stay smart. Stay busy!!

Corona Virus Free Activities & Offers

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- Written by Janine Kai Robinson

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