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Spring Cleaning - Clears Away More Than Just Space

Spring is around the corner, and with it comes the annual tradition of, you guessed it, SPRING CLEANING! This unusual year, the spring equinox just happens to occur during an even more unusual period in our lives. Many of us have to stay in our homes and find ways to occupy our minds and possibly the minds of our children who are also home from school with limited activities. If we need to be at home, we might as well do things that will BRING US JOY!

These are definitely when life gives you lemons make lemonade days. With all that extra time and perhaps extra hands to help, why not get a jump on your Spring Cleaning?

Taking on the task to de-clutter your closets and home will do more for you than just create more space. It will give you something to focus on as a distraction from the sometimes troubling news. It will give you a sense of accomplishment and frankly, a sense of control. Many things are out of our control right now. The helpless worries are kicking in. The huge question marks are looming. It may be small, and obviously small potatoes when it comes to the world health concerns, but at least cleaning and organizing are tangible actions that at the very least give us some power over our homes.

Some of us - you know who you are - have so much stuff that spring cleaning simply helps us to see what we have! Anyone else go through their closets and "find" hidden gems that you forgot you even had? I have even pulled out never-before-used dishes that I just knew would make my food taste better! And how many times have our walls heard, "Oh that's where that was!"

We may also find the benefit of finding things we no longer need that someone else could use. Donating doubles as an empowering action in addition to providing some community service. If you are able to get out a Goodwill donation is always a great thing. Or perhaps you may pass someone on the street in need. While you are in your homes discarding items that either don't fit or haven't been used in years, consider creating a care-bag. Lightly worn clothes and shoes, suitcases, new hotel toiletries, rain gear -- coupled with some food and a few dollars these items could make a world of difference to someone and let them know that we, as a community, really do care. Place them in purse, tote bag or old backpack and keep on hand for that right moment.

Here Are Some Tips To Remember During

Your Spring Cleaning:

  • When it comes to closets, the best bet is to take everything out. EMPTY IT. This way you have to take an action on every piece - keep or ditch - versus getting tired and saying to yourself, "I'll just leave it and get to it next round."

  • Make a pile of the things you really love and use. The clothes that FIT and are FLATTERING. Oh, and yeah, they are also STILL IN STYLE! The shoes that DON'T HURT! The bags and suitcases that you ACTUALLY USE. The jewelry that you ACTUALLY WEAR. These are the items that should remain. The rest should be seriously considered for a donation. (Hint: Don't even put them back!!)

  • Another thought on clothes and shoes - I know the feeling of LOVING a certain item. But honey, if it has a hole, it's bad for your soul! They may be super comfortable. We may never find anything that knows just the right curve of our bodies. To take it further -- it may be our favorite blanket, or our favorite bowl. If it has a hole, or is chipped, you deserve better. And YOU WILL find love again!!

  • Get the whole family involved - pull out some bins/baskets/bags and label them with a "Yay" or "Nay." Or whatever clever signs the kids want to come up with. Go room by room and look at what can be donated, trashed, recycled -- and what gems you should put back and make a commitment to use! When you make it fun and more of a game, the kids especially will be more excited to get on board with enthusiasm!

  • If something is questionable, ask yourself, "When was the last time I used this?" If the answer is over a year let it go. If it's over two years, definitely say goodbye. Another question: "Is there someone else that can get better use from this than me?" Sometimes there are things that we could use, but the better question is should I keep it, or should I consider it a small sacrifice and spread the wealth instead?

  • Speaking of letting it go, if you are app-inclined you may be able to turn a small profit for some items as well. What used to take place via Craig's List has now moved to apps like Let It Go. Perhaps some of your clutter - such as lightly worn or used items, appliances, dishes, nick nacks and furniture - could actually be "as good as gold."

  • Make de-cluttering a practice to do at least once a year, or even every 6 months. Don't let the build-up-syndrome take place. Since we are continually shopping, our bodies are continually changing, and fashion is always adapting, "spring cleaning" must be a continual cycle, and doesn't have to just take place during spring time.

PS - If nothing else, getting rid of things is just another good excuse to go shopping! (Just be sure to get rid of more than you buy.) Rewarding yourself is important too!

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- Written by Janine Kai Robinson

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