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Updated: Mar 19

24 Hour Fitness, Planet Fitness, Crunch, Gold's Gym. I often associate top tier exercise with joining a top tier gym. I always feel motivated to engage in an intense workout session when I am in an air conditioned gym with high quality treadmills and large TV's within my viewpoint. I also get to wear my cute Puma sweatsuits that signify my dedication to fitness. Unfortunately, many of us can't always spend substantial amounts of time at the gym therefore most of us need to improvise.

If life happens and you're unable to maintain your gym membership or utilize it, the next best place to get your workout on is in your own home! Exercising in the space of your home can be done at anytime and anywhere in your home that has space. Here are some at home exercises you can do anytime of the day!

1.) Push-ups

Good old fashioned push-ups are always great exercises to do at home. Push-ups can be done on carpet or a hardwood floor. (If you need to you can lower your knees as well for more support. Some often can be down by standing against the wall as well as you build up to the floor).

2.) YouTube Work-Outs

YouTube is the hub for everything, even workout videos! That are amazing fitness bloggers like Tamara Pridgett who have tons of workout YouTube videos!

3.) Water Bottle Weights

Want to weight train, but don't have any weights at home? No Worries, just fill up some

24oz -48oz water bottles and you will be good to go!

Pictured below is doing a "Russian Twist" where you go side to side and tap the bottle on the floor (follow your head to watch the bottle hit the floor so that you are doing a full twist. You can also rest your feet on the floor if you need to). Be creative to see other exercises you can do lifting your "barbell" water bottle!

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- Written by Angelica Cheyenne

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